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World Wide Affiliation

     Travel? Move often? The Japan Karate Association (JKA) is the most respected Shotokan karate organization in the world, found in over 100 countries and throughout the United States. Training and testing are standardized. Ranks earned in the JKA are recognized throughout the worldwide organization, your investment, time and energy will be worth it. Books and videos are available to help supplement practice. 

High Quality Instruction

     Sensei Khim Torres along with Sensei Ferdinand Torres, are certified instructors and internationally accomplished champions. They each have over 30 years of martial arts experience. Sensei Khim and Sensei Ferdinand focused on giving quality instruction, emphasizing to their students the importance of quality over quantity. They both teach karate as it is taught in Japan. To Sensei Khim and Sensei Ferdinand karate is more than just a passion, it’s a family tradition and a way of life.

     Our classes are directly taught by the chief instructor. No class is ever taught by anyone under the rank of Shodan level. There is infrastructure for you to pursue your goals as a Competitor, an Instructor, a Judge, an Examiner and/or for health and lifetime training. All certification is through JKA. 


     In our academy we help all our students to improve on:

  • Focus
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-discipline
  • Humility
  • Self-defense skills
  • Flexibility and Coordination
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Independent motivation
  • Leadership skills
  • Weight loss 

Number of Classes

     We hold classes Monday through Saturday for adults and children and training is unlimited- that is, you may participate in as many general classes as you wish. 

Black Belt Participation
      JKA Maine Academy is unusual in that it has many black belt members currently studying under Sensei(s) Torres, which provides students at all levels with accelerated learning opportunities through interactions with those students. It is an environment that cultivates respect, discipline, community, learning and development.

Special Training Opportunities

     Special seminars, intensive training camps and special interest classes are available to members periodically throughout the year, as well as the option to join the JKA Maine Academy competition team. Our dojo is engaged in the local, national, and worldwide affiliation with opportunities to travel and train under notable instructors and share experiences with karatekas all over the world.

What makes JKA an Elite Organization?

 JKA Karate has Strong Roots

     It is a unique refinement of the Shotokan style, one of the oldest and most traditional types of Okinawan karate. Since it descends directly from such “original” sources, it has developed from strong roots underpinned by a long history and a great tradition.

JKA Karate is Scientific and is Constantly Being Improved

     Every technique and movement in JKA karate is based on solid, scientific, physical movement theory. That’s why we put such heavy focus—far more than any other organization—on kihon, the basic foundational techniques, and their proper form, angle and balance. The result speaks for itself: JKA karate is powerful, solid, stable, and smooth flowing; this has proven itself time and again in tournaments. Despite the excellence of JKA karate, however, it is constantly being improved.     

All JKA Instructors are Certified Professionals Trained for an Extensive Period Specifically to be Instructors

     They are not just karate teachers, nor are they arbitrary in their teaching. Their dedication to teaching the way helps ensure that the true essence of karate is passed on to each student. And this devotion shows in each student's technique.

JKA Maintains a Specialist Instructor Training Program

     Unlike any other karate group, the JKA offers a specialist instructor training program for students who show exceptional capability and prowess in karate. Students take a rigorous entrance exam and tests, followed by two years of intense study and practice at the Tokyo JKA HQ Dojo. They are required to write and submit monthly research papers on specific themes given by their instructors, thereby showing their ingenuity, willingness and devotion to karate. Those that successfully graduate from this program, and can meet the stiff requirements, are accepted as professional instructors. This very strict approach ensures that the scientific foundations and traditions of JKA karate are maintained.    

JKA Karate Has No Weight Classifications or Half-Point System
     Karate is not a sport one plays for points. In JKA kumite, there are no weight classifications and no arbitrary point system. Other karate groups often award multiple points (e.g., 3 points for a kick to the head, 2 points for a kick to the middle body, 1 point for any kind of punch), which can be tallied up to a win at their tournaments. But JKA tournaments are much stricter. At the JKA there is only ippon (“one full point,” which means you have downed your opponent and won), or waza-ari (“effective technique,” which counts for roughly 80% of an ippon). The basis of JKA karate is the ability to take down your opponent, regardless of size or weight, with one blow. There is no room for incremental points in such a tradition. The difference is obvious: we teach our students how to gain mastery of themselves and overwhelm the opponent.

JKA Chief Instructors Are Elected
     The JKA carefully selects its Chief Instructors from the Shihankai, based on the individual’s experience, strength and integrity. This is an advantage, since many karate organizations with a strong founding leader pass on their leadership position to an inheritor once the master is gone. The inheritor may be a weak leader, and so the organization begins to lose its way, and eventually may even disappear. There is no such danger at the JKA; because the Chief Instructors are always elected by the group, they are always strong leaders. The JKA is far better organized than most other karate groups, and with its strong democratic tradition it has a staying power that few others can match.

JKA Is Devoted to the Practice of Karate
     Unlike many other karate organizations, the JKA was not created as an organization whose major purpose is holding matches and tournaments. Though it does sponsor tournaments, its major focus is the practice of karate. Its purpose is the teaching of karate as a way of life.

JKA Maine Karate Academy

Japan Karate Association of Maine


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We are an authentic traditional Shotokan karate dojo. We are dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Japan Karate Association - Shotokan karate. JKA is the most professionally setup martial arts organization in the world. With members in over 100 countries, JKA is the world’s largest and most prestigious karate organization and the only legal karate entity officially recognized by the Japanese government as an association of members for the promotion of karate.

Join today, the only real requirement is a disciplined commitment to work hard and train patiently. As long as that commitment is there, karate is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or ethnic background. There is also no need to be in excellent physical shape to start since karate will gradually improve your fitness as you progress. Your starting point is less important than the effort you put into it along the way.

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